1. Students should co-operate in the upkeep of the nurses hostel as a good name.
  2. Students should keep their room neat & tidy. They are fully responsible for the articles & furniture’s provided for their use.
  3. Students are strictly instructed to put proper locks in your respective room. Jewellery expensive mobile & expensive items should not be kept in the rooms. The institution will not take any responsible for the loss of any valuable items.
  4. Students should stay in their respective rooms which are allotted for them. Room should not be changed without permission of the principal through the hostel warden.
  5. Students when will leave their respective room, the taps should be closed, fan & light to be switched off. Carelessness will render them liable to disciplinary action. Heaters are not to be used in the room. Students are not permitted to write anything in the wall.
  6. Cooking is not permitted in the rooms.
  7. No relatives children are permitted to enter the rooms. Morning & Night attendance will be taken by warde n at 7:00 – 7 :15A.M & 9:00 to 9:15PM res pectively. After the night attendance students should maintain their study time from 9:15PM to 10:15PM. Silence must be maintained in the hostel after 10:15PM.
  8. On every month of 2nd & 4th Sunday at 10:00A.M to 2:00P.M students are permitted for outing. This is common for all B.Sc nursing Students.
  9. Students are permitted to receive only those male whose names are given in the visitors list at the time of admission.
  10. When the visitors will come to meet the students they should enter their name & relationship with the students in the visitor’s book.
  11. Meals will be served only in dining room of mess at fixed timings. Students should be properly dressed when going to the dining room. Wastage of food is not allowed in the mess. Food should not be taken inside the living room except sickness.
  12. All complaints regarding repairs or hostel problems should be written in complaint register by students in hostel. Students are not allowed to deal directly with workers.
  13. The hostel environment should be kept clean (room, b athr ooms, corridor and
    balcony) etc.
  14. Students should see the hostel notice board at least twice a day for fresh orders instructions.
  15. Students in their sickness should report to the college during working hours & after working hours or on holiday should report to the hostel warden for appropriate action. Students should not approach the doctors directly.
  16. On vacation students are not allowed to stay in the hostel without the prior consent of the principal.
  17. Pets are not permitted in the hostel.
  18. Students will not be allowed to use any electrical appliances in the hostel.
  19. Visitors can visit the students only on Sunday from 9:00A.M to 5:00P.M in the visitors room only.
  20. Day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostel without permission of hostel
  21. Without prior information the authorities have right to search hostel students personal belongings any time to maintain discipline & decorum.
  22. Leave will not be granted to any student until & unless there is a genuine emergency in the hostel by warden through management/principal after working hours.
  23. Watching T.V is allowed only for 1 hour.
  24. The students who keep her room & surroundings neat and clean will be rewarded and the supervisor of the institute will check the cleanliness & neatness.
  25. Students should bring the following articles at the time of joining as per need that is:
    a) Blanket & Quilt
    b) Two bed sheets
    c) Pillow & Pillow cover
    d) Plastic bucket & Mug
    e) Stationary items
    f) Wrist Watch
    g) Rubber Slipper
  26. It is strictly order to all hostel residential students to give list of relatives or visitors name with photographs who will visit you during your study period.
  27. Letter of permission from parents/guardian is must when the students will travel
  28. Any damage to the hostel / hospital property will be compensated by the students.
  29. In case of any indiscipline in the hostel, after enquiry if find any mistake from the students may be asked to vacate the hostel immediately.
  30. The management has the right to revise rules and regulations from time to time.
  31. If the students have come and cross of any problem regarding their studies, Hostels, Mess or any other issue. It should be solve through proper channel. No one student will permit to forward their problem directly to management authority in any condition.