Swami Vivekanand Education Institution has vast experience in the education field, in 1964 Late Sh. Dharam Singh Kamboj (Advocate) founder Chairperson of this society started a school in the name of “Swami Vivekanand Ji” a great monk of India. Now 6 schools, one B.Ed. College & one nursing college (B.Sc. Nursing & Post Basic B. Sc. Nursing) are running under this society. It is always nice to be reminded of the history behind the events that has leaf mark in this society. This institution has made a perceptible change in the way of imparting education to the budding citizens of our nation.

Nursing is a calling, a calling for service and humanity. If the first mother is considered as the first nurse in the world, all the caring and nurturing qualities of a mother should be there in a nurse. Nursing is nurturing, caring and service to the individual, family and the community.
I am happy to invite young candidates to the noble profession of nursing which will be ensure them a bright future, economic security, high job satisfactions and a good standard of living. I am sure this new step will help to reduce the problem of unemployment and poverty in our country. Swami Vivekanand Nursing College is started in the year 2007 by keeping all these objectives.

“The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest”- Nursing being a caring profession, require Knowledge, attitude and practical skills to function in its higher level. So in our Institution we focus more on the attitude development of nursing students, which motivate them to acquire Knowledge and professional.
Our teachers are instructed to work with commitment. They should be able to evaluate the stronger and weaker side of students, so that they can support and strengthen the weaker side of student. Luckily we have got a group of efficient and dedicated teaching facilities including sisters. We plan to implement and achieve the goals through Programme such as panel discussion, symposium, workshops, demonstrations, problem based learning and exhibitions. The principle applied here is learning by doing. Apart from the academic fulfillment the student get involved with a lot of curricular and co-curricular activities.